Saturday, February 9, 2013

Immigration reform: Securing the border

When the Gang of Eight released their ideas for immigration reform, you knew for sure that Barack Obama would have to announce his own plans for immigration reform. Some news sources speculated that Obama was announcing his own immigration reform to make it seem like the Democratic party came up with it, thus keeping the Latino vote. Of course, this is based on the belief that immigration reform announced by any Republicans is their way of trying to salvage the Latino vote for years to come. ANYWAY, what I want to do is to compare the two to see how similar the plans are and if they’re not similar to see what the major divergences are.
Securing the border:
Barack Obama: Beefs up infrastructure at the ports of entry and calls for the continued use of technologies that help secure the border.
Gang of Eight: Fairly similar. Specifically, they also call for the increased use of drones and surveillance equipment, as well as more agents between the border and the ports of entry.
General notes: The increased use of drones has been criticized by some fiscal conservatives because they are quite expensive to use. More agents would also increase government jobs which has been a criticism that Republicans have used for years. I would imagine that there is an easy spin for this by fiscal conservatives, in that if you do an actual cost-benefit table, using the drones and the agents would be cost effective. Maybe. The spin would be something similar to that.

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