Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Immigration reform: Handling the 11 million

Handling the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in America:
Barack Obama: He would require undocumented immigrants to register, submit biometric data, pass criminal and national-security background checks, and pay fees/penalties to become eligible for provisional legal status. They would have to wait until the legal immigration backlog is cleared before they can apply for their green card. As it stands with current law, those under provisional legal status are not eligible for welfare or other federal benefits.
Gang of Eight: They would require them to register and undergo background checks to gain provisional legal status. Undocumented immigrants would, likewise, have to wait until the legal immigration backlog is completed and would not receive federal benefits during that time. They would have to pass an additional background check, pay a fine, learn English, and other requirements before becoming a permanent resident.
General notes: Submit biometric data? That sounds intense. The ACLU and other civil rights groups are fighting the provision that undocumented immigrants would have to submit DNA to become a citizen. It’s no wonder that they are making sure that undocumented immigrants cannot be eligible for federal benefits. With all the welfare queens and everyone out there. I’m glad the Gang of Eight requires that they learn English to become a permanent resident. I mean, obviously, just like, at least one, Republican said while running for office, we need to make English the official language of the United States. The official language of a country really matters to people who are coming here illegally. I am quite certain that they will stop once they realize that the official language is English.

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