Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Immigration reform: Getting a green card and DREAMers

Getting a green card:
Barack Obama: You must pay your taxes, pass additional criminal background and national security checks, pay fines, and learn English, among other requirements. Five years after receiving your green card, you may apply to become a citizen.
Gang of Eight: Only once everyone goes through the legal lines that are waiting for a green card receive one then you can apply for one. Also the border has to be secure by the metrics from the border commission.
General notes: Same comments about learning English. I will not shut up about this. In all seriousness, are there tests that people need to pass, in order to receive a green card? Can we teach those who are English as a FIRST language English? I’m tired of hearing about how people are totes going to a party. But whatever. Those who are undocumented immigrants might be waiting a long time to be able to apply for a green card.
Barack Obama: Children brought here illegally will be eligible for expedited citizenship if they attend college or serve honorably in the Armed Forces for at least two years.
Gang of Eight: Makes a distinction for children brought here illegally. They would face a different set of requirements but they do not list them.
General notes: Oh, those DREAMers. I kind of expected that we would have a detailed list of requirements from the Gang of Eight but that was too much. It’s probably a lot smarter for them, politically, to announce that they have different requirements and allow the rest of the legislature to determine what those requirements might be. If they propose something wildly unpopular, with regards to the DREAMers, than it’s probable that they will get hurt by this come election time.

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