Thursday, February 28, 2013

Georgia (Polls) on my mind

Public Policy Polling did some of their more fun polls, too, besides the Senate race. We’ll look at those numbers, too.

Governor Nathan Deal does not have very strong approval numbers, finding him at 36/41. This is consistent with what they found before at 37/40. Despite this, Deal is the favorite for being re-elected. He would lead potential candidates Jason Carter 46-38. He would also lead Jason Barrow and Kasim Reed by identical 48-38 margins. Looking at those favorability numbers, you would assume that a strong Democratic candidate could make it competitive. Deal’s favorability among Republicans 56/25 doesn’t reflect how Republicans would vote in the hypothetical elections, as Deal pulls in approximately 80% of Republican votes. While a Democratic candidate could make it competitive, it’s unlikely that a Democrat could defeat Deal.
Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed has a 32/25 favorability.
Saxby Chambliss probably made the right decision to retire, as he has a 35/41 favorability and is failing to pull in 50% of Republicans viewing him favorably. Georgia’s other Senator Johnny Isakson, has a favorability rating of 37/39. But he has 56% of Republicans viewing him favorably.
Newt Gingrich is not viewed very favorably, in his home state. His favorability is 39/50. He would also lose a hypothetical presidential matchup against Hillary Clinton 51-44. Speaking of Clinton, her favorability is 49/44 and would likely make Georgia competitive if she decided to run for the presidency.
President Barack Obama is not well liked in Georgia. His favorability is 45/53. Georgians do seem like to the NRA, though. The NRA holds a favorability of 46/38. Despite this, 49% of Georgians support banning assault weapons and 51% of Georgians support stricter gun laws. Georgians seem to somehow both support the NRA and stricter gun laws. It’s fairly amazing, right?
66% of Georgians do not think the Atlanta Falcons need a new stadium. 69% oppose using public funding to help build a new stadium for the Falcons.

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