Saturday, February 9, 2013

Common Facebook postings: Liberal Logic 101

I always love the Liberal Logic 101 things.  Always. They're always full of logical fallacies and strawman arguments that I always want to comment when people share them.  Warning in advance: I am a dick. I'm sorry.


1. Aww cute.  The person who put this together decided that the child was a girl.  Or she decided to use "she" instead of "he" or "he/she".  Either way, I approve.  Also, I like that her face is shown sucking what appears to be her thumb.  She's so cute.  Do unborn children really look like this?  I need to stop killing all of them.  Maybe I would realize how cute they are.

2. I'm not 100% sure what the author of this is referring to when she pust on there that "Liberals want to force taxpayers to pay for her to be killed."  Perhaps she is referring to Planned Parenthood?  Planned Parenthood has received funding since 1970 when Liberal President Richard Nixon signed into law Family Planning Services and Research Act.  There has been an increase in Republican support for defunding Planned Parenthood because all they is kill little children like Sally up there on the picture (I named her now we're attached).  Except, abortion services account for about 3% of their services.  And, oh yeah, they cannot provide abortions with federal funding.  This is due to the Hyde Amendment.

3.  Oh...I think she's talking about evil Obamacare.  Of which every Conservative has read every page of it but still somehow gets everything wrong.  I wonder how that works.  Anyway.  The law does not provide direct federal funding for abortions, except in the case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.  I'll just let FactCheck take over. "In fact, the new law states specifically that federal funds are not to be used for coverage of any other kinds of abortions, and that only premium dollars paid by individuals out of their own pockets may be used to pay for coverage of other kinds of abortions."  In fact, NARAL refused to endorse the bill because of what they assumed were "egregious" restrictions on abortion coverage.

4.  But this doesn't satisfy pro-life people.  What about people who are using federal subsidies to purchase insurance, aren't they, in fact using federal funding to have abortions?  "To address those concerns, senators adopted a provision saying that any private insurance plans that cover abortion (and are sold through exchanges) must keep federal dollars separate from the private dollars paid by individual policyholders. Those buying plans on the exchange would send in a separate payment to cover abortion services, and coverage for abortions (other than in cases or rape or incest or danger to the mother’s life) would be paid for from a segregated pool of money that contains no federal funds."  Quoting FactCheck, there.  Not only that, but the Senate bill allows states to prohibit policies sold on their exchanges from covering abortions, with the same exceptions (rape, incest, endangerment of themother's life).  AND at least one plan in each state cannot include abortions beyond federal limitations.  President Barack Obama signed an executive order on March 24 (one of his 1000, right chain e-mails) that reaffirimg the federal ban on funding abortions.  It "also says that the secretary of Health and Human Services and the director of the Office of Management and Budget must come up with guidelines for states to use to determine whether insurance companies are properly following those separation-of-money requirements for plans purchased with the help of subsidies."

5. It's true that there might be another bill floating around out there that would actually rescind the Hyde amendment but as far as I can tell, there is not one out there.

6. Of course, what was laid out in the health care law was not enough to win over pro-life advocates.  But, oh well.

7. The first time penalty for the eagle law in question, is actually $100,000 fine or up to a year in prison, or both. 

8. Awww..I didn't know that the bald eagle was no longer an endangered specie.  I'm so excited.

9. Have you ever seen Almost Heroes?  There's a great scene involving an eagle.

10. Come back next time for our ongoing segment of Common Facebook postings.

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