Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alaskan Polls

Public Policy Polling did some polls in Alaska, too. Here is some information and comments. Enjoy.

Democratic Senator Mark Begich is likely to retain his Senate seat in 2014. Begich's approval rating is 49/39. He has pretty strong numbers for the right-leaning Alaska. He has strong support from Independents and about a quarter of Republicans support him, too.

What's more is that Begich leads in almost all of the hypothetical matchups that Public Policy Polling did. Begich leads Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan 47/41. He leads former Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman 50/40. He also leads 2010 opponent Joe Miller 58/30. He also leads former vice-president candidate Sarah Palin 54/38. The only Republican who is really even close to Begich is Governor Searn Parnell. Parnell and Begich would start out tied at 48 apiece. But, only 10% of Alaskan voters want Parnell to run for Senate. Even among GOP voters, only 13% want him to run for Senate as opposed to 56% who want him to run for re-election as governor.

If Parnell decides to run for re-election as governor he would be the heavy favorite, leading by 9-26 points over the Democratic candidates that Public Policy Polling matched him up against. Parnell is facing a similar choice to Scott Brown in that if he chooses to run for Senate he has a strong chance of losing but running for governor gives him a good chance of success.

Palin is quickly becoming an unpopular politician. Although, she wasn't that popular to begin with. Her numbers nationally are 33/56. Her numbers are fairly similar in Alaska, too. Her numbers in Alaska are 34/59. So, there's that. Joe Miller is even more unpopular among Alaskans than Palin. His favorability is 20/63. Miller came in last in the hypothetical Republican primary for the Senate seat.

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