Thursday, January 31, 2013

Texas Taters

Some more Texas taters…
Public Policy Polling concluded its polling data on Texas today. They found President Barack Obama’s approval rating (47/51). They also discovered that Barack Obama would face impeachment , if it was up to Texas Republicans. 67% of Texas Republicans would like to see him impeached. The follow-up question as to why they would want to impeach him is not asked. The first thought is that people might support impeaching Obama because of his recent stance on gun control.
Surprisingly, that might not be the case. While Texas likes the NRA (46/40) and trusts the NRA on guns more than President Obama (47-43), Texans support banning assault weapons (49/41). This is strange on some level of thought. You would think that a state like Texas would be all about protecting assault weapons from the gun-snatching Obama. It looks to be like a popular measure. Perhaps the polls are skewed, it just takes longer to realize. But of course, the NRA’s plan to stop bad guys with guns with good guys with guns is also popular. Texans would support putting armed police officers in every school in the country (47-39). Arming teachers is still an unpopular notion, even in Texas. 56% of Texans oppose arming teachers, compared to only 31% who are in favor of it.

Senator John Cornyn, a 10 year veteran in the Senate, is up for re-election in 2014. Cornyn is not that widely known and his approval rating isn’t anything to write home about (34/36). Public Policy Polling is quick to point out that this doesn’t mean that Cornyn would have trouble getting re-elected. As they like to do, they matched him up in hypothetical matchups. The only Democratic candidate who stood a good chance against him was Bill White. Cornyn was only up by three points in that hypothetical matchup. White has also been polled as a potential candidate for the gubernatorial race. Both of these elections would be fairly close if White decides to run. I’d imagine, a lot rests on whether Rick Perry will seek another term, as White matches up better against him in the race for governor. Julian Castro was also matched up in a hypothetical match-up against Cornyn, trailing 48-41. I’d imagine White and Castro split the two positions and one of them runs for each of them. But the Republican lean of Texas would put Cornyn as the favorite for the Senate seat in 2014.

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