Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team No Excuses: Allen West

Awww....despite losing his district, Allen West isn't going away.  He shared on his Facebook.  "I for one shall be the eagle's eye watching, commenting, and guarding the future for our next generation, ensuring they inherit a greater America, not a diminished liberal progressive nanny-state."  Thanks!  Since West's post also said,"The ironic thing is that when the celebration is over, and the hangovers subside, President Obama and his acolytes will have to look in the mirror and realize they have inherited their own self-created economic mess."  He is our newest member to Team No Excuses!  Yay!

In the November 2012 election, West lost a close election in District 18 in Florida.  West outspent his opponent nearly 4 to 1.  It was one of the most expensive House races in history.  Although it was a close election, the margin of victory of Patrick Murphy over Allen West exceeded the threshold for an automatic recount.  But West demanded that a closer look be taken at Precint 93.  West's campaign manager Tim Edson voiced his concerns.  His concerns "among them: Preliminary totals showed 900 voters cast ballots in Precinct 93, where only seven voters are registered."  This went viral, quickly.  West's supporters were quick to repeat the false claim. Despite the claim being false, it is still repeated often by his supporters to show that there is voter fraud.  West did get a little closer to Murphy with some of the recounts but a full recount never took place.  West and his team were not happy about this and Murphy was upset because a recount should have never taken place.  To be a member of Team No Excuses, you have to be able to tell others that their problems are their own fault and that they should take responsibility for their own actions but when something happens to you, you have to be willing to make excuses for yourself because it's not your fault.  So, welcome Allen West.

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