Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saturday Night Re-election

Public Policy Polling released its polls from Minnesota today.  That's exciting.  Saturday Night Live alum and darkhorse 2016 presidential candidate has some good news if he wants to continue being a Senator.  Franken's approval ratng for the state is 52/41.  But, there's more bad news for Minnesota Republicans.  They don't have an extremely strong candidate to run against Franken in 2014.  The top choice for Republicans in Minnesota is Michele Bachmann.  The GOP's choices are Bachmann (45%), House Representative John Kline (19%), Representative Chip Cravaack (13%), and Representative Erik Paulsen (11%).   The biggest problem for Bachmann is that she has extremely low favorability ratings.  Her approval scores are 35/59.  That's not very encouraging for Republicans wanting to defeat Franken.  But good news for other Republicans, over half of respondents, 51% and 55% respectively, have no opinion of Kline or Paulsen.  In preferring Bachmann over other candidates, Republicans in Minnesota don't seem to be learning much from this past election.  Bachmann barely survived a re-election bid in her district but it seems unlikely that she would be able to win a statewide election.  While it's still early to predict 2014 elections, it's likely that Franken will get re-elected.

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