Thursday, January 10, 2013

People you might want to know for 2013 and on: Republicans

Just some names that you might want to hold onto for the next year and a few years from now. 

House of Representatives:
1. Ted Yoho- a Congressman from Florida.  He got some notoriety by having unconventional ads and has turned some heads by stating that he would not sign Grover Norquist's tax pledge.  I say, thank goodness.

2. Kerry Bentivolio- a Congressman from Michigan who was funded in part by Ron Paul supporters.  His mental state has been questioned with a host of Santa Claus impersonations and related quotes that seem to circle the internet.  He reportedly has libertarian ties.  I'm not sure if it's accurate or coming from the support from the Ron Paul supporters.

3. Chris Stewart- my pick to be the most popular freshman among extreme Conservatives.  Stewart advocates for far-right ideas on both fiscal and social policies.  Also, Glenn Beck is a fan. So, there's that.

4. George Holding- has strong name recognition for prosecuting John Edwards.  Well, sort of.  By the time it went to trial, Holding had stepped down.  Apparently, his name is being floated around to run for Senate.

5. Thomas Massie- Looks like an interesting guy.  Sounds even more interesting.  He holds two degrees from MIT and his wife has one, too. He was backed by Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party members that allowed him to win his primary.

1. Tim Scott- appointed by Nikki Haley, despite my pleas to have Stephen Colbert appointed, to replace Jim DeMint when he stepped down to run the Heritage Foundation.  Scott is the first black Senator from the South, since Reconstruction.  NAACP Ben Jealous has accused Scott of being a token black guy and the NAACP has given Scott an "F" grade for his voting record. 

2. Deb Fischer- Fischer's campaign in Nebraska was largely funded by out of state donors and helped make it one of the most expensive campaigns in the country.  Why was it so important to win Nebraska?  Well, Republican analysts thought that they could take the Senate.  Fischer was one of the few backed by Karl Rove and cronies that actually won.  So, there's that.

3. Ted Cruz- Cruz is Cuban-American and the junior Senator from Texas.  He is a rising star within the Republican party and has been labeled by some outside the party as the Republican Barack Obama.  Cruz is a favorite among vocal Tea Party members and among Republicans, in general.  But his right-wing statements have found enormous support from the Tea Party.  Look for Cruz to be mentioned a lot, not only this year, but in the coming years.

The Republican party doesn't have as many interesting new members as they did in 2010.  If this was 2011, I'd have a huge list of random people, who I thought was interesting.

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