Monday, January 7, 2013

Like a dog with a bone: Fox News and Benghazi

As we have entered 2013, the most popular Republican meme or trope has been that Hillary Clinton somehow faked her concussion and/or blood clot in her head to avoid testifying about Benghazi.  Fox News and a Republican Senator has stated that, the Benghazi attacks are the greatest cover-up in recent memory, at the very least.  Those pesky liberals at The New York Times have debunked some of the conspiracy theories that have been circling since the Benghazi incident. But Fox News has been after Hillary Clinton for overdramatizing her injury because she merely "bumped her head", other quotes included that "it's a duck and cover", and comparisons between a football player who played with a concussion five times.  Well, let's just forget that many professional players are suing the NFL about how they weren't treated properly when they had concussions.  They called for a doctor's note to prove that Clinton actually had a concussion because no doctor had come forward.  It's just riveting stuff, really.  Except, somehow it's working.  My parents, who don't actually follow the news that closely, told me essentially the same talking points that Fox News had brought up.  It's almost becoming a mainstream thought. Well, they also asked me if Clinton was retiring because of Benghazi.  I told them she had already announced her planned retirement prior to Benghazi.

The report that Clinton was supposed to testify on, was put out by the Accountability Review Board established by the State Department, and offered two dozen recommendations.  Clinton stated that she accepted them and ordered a task force to implement them. Clinton has already implemented a number of the recommendations. 

My point is this.  Does Hillary Clinton have a concussion?  Sounds like it.  Does she have a blood clot?  Maybe.  But what does she have to gain by not talking about Benghazi?  The report is there and the recommendations are already being implemented.  Clinton already took full responsibility for the attacks.  The report is there.  Clinton is likely to just refer to the report and highlight what she is already implementing.  Are they going to ask how long it took to respond to the attack?  According to the CIA, 25 minutes.  Or would Republican leaders like John McCain just skip the meeting like he did the classified Senate hearing?  If Clinton wanted to skip the hearing, wouldn't she just skip reading the report and actually implementing the ideas found there? 

But, at least Fox News is doing something.

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