Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Common Facebook Postings: Right wing checklist

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This was actually put out by a right-wing Facebook page.  In case, you couldn't tell.

1. It implies that if you believe in God then you're a right-winger.  I feel like I have to say this all the time. God is not a Republican.  God is not a Democrat, either.  Beyond that, in the New Testament, there are statements that even the demons believe in God.  They should probably change the first one to say something else like believes that Jesus Christ is their savior and is necessary for their salvation.  Even then, it's possible to be a Christian and a Democrat, too.

2. I think we all believe in the Constitution.  The problem with this statement is that the difference is that actual right-wing extremists believe that the Constitution is inerrant.  There are arguments in legal circles if the Constitution is a living, breathing document that changes.  The original Constitution was just a framework for how the government was to work.  It didn't include any of the Amendments.  The Constitution neither condones nor condemns slavery.  It doesn't guarantee the rights of women to vote.  It doesn't give term limits to presidents.  Oh you mean, you agree with other amendments that weren't there originally?  So, it's not inerrant?  Who is to decide?  Also, please don't quote the Declaration of Independence when you want to talk about the Constitution.  It's just a pet peeve.

3. I believe in the Bill of Rights, too.  I personally believe in the 5th Amendment, too.  Which is a part of the Bill of Rights.  People's 5th Amendment Rights have been violated over the last 12 years because of the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA.  Both sides have violated these rights.  Do you only believe in the Bill of Rights or are there other Amendments you believe in?  Are you an absolutist with regards to the Bill of Rights or do you believe in limits?  It's kind of an empty statement.

4.   Government should run on a budget.  Totally. Just tell that to George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.  Oh, Bill Clinton is the right-wing extremist on this? Damn.

5.   Pro-life.  I just want to say that right-wing people really won this whole battle.  They chose pro-life as their descriptor.  That's just a fantastic name.  If you're not pro-life, you're pro-abortion or pro-choice, if you're lucky.  Not that anyone is pro-abortion, I don't think.  Most people will agree that we need to reduce the number of abortions. 

6.  Capitalism, not socialism.  Sure.  Just one thing.  Define socialism. 

7. More jobs, not more taxes.  Sounds like a good phrase.  But look at jobs created under Democratic presidents compared to Republican presidents.  The truth is, Bill Clinton had higher taxes but a lot more jobs than George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and others.  Or you could compare Dwight D. Eisenhower's tax rates to the "highest of all-time taxes" under Barack Obama.  Which one has higher taxes? 

8. Secured border. Sure. I guess. You guys have been talking about this for so long.  Just do it. Have everyone who wants it so bad to contribute money to it.  Or are you waiting for money from the federal government?

9.  Undocumented workers are illegal immigrants.  So how about those under the deferred action policy under Barack Obama?  The ones who get worker cards.  Are they no longer illegal?  I mean, according to Barack Obama, they're not.

10. Redistribution of wealth is wrong.  Totally, right?  I mean, it's not like PolitiFact rated Mitt Romney's claim that redistribution of wealth was never a part of American history was "Pants on Fire" or anything like that.  This is just gettng annoying.  Are we done, yet?

11. You don't fix problems by ignoring them.  Unless it's about guns.  Since people will always get murdered then there's no point to try and stop people from getting guns. 

12. Terrorism exists.  I don't think anyone denies this.  Or do we have to pull a transcript, agan?

13. Government should be limited.  Except it should decide if you can get married or not.  It should also be involved in the access of sexual contraceptives.  It should also decide about religion in schools.  We should make it more of a Christian nation.  Among other things.

14. Obama lies and his policies suck.  Which policies?  All of them? Does he always lie?  There are a lot of questions.  But that last point is the crux of their argument.  Whatever Obama does, the opposite is correct.  That's the only thing that makes sense.

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