Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Team No Excuses: Mitch McConnell

According to Public Policy Polling, Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular Senator in the country.  McConnell is the minority leader in the Senate.  The Republican Party champions individual responsibility for Americans.  So, how did McConnell react to this news from Public Policy Polling?  Well, Team Mitch on Twitter linked to this article showing how polls like Public Policy Polling overstate the unapproval rate.  Public Policy Polling came back and linked to this article the author of the article claimed that there is no chance that Rand Paul was up by 19.  Paul won by 23.  Public Policy Polling continued tweeting "And of course we use the same methodology on all of our Senator approval polls, and on that level playing field McConnell is most unpopular."  As long as the methodology remains the same in all of the polls and McConnell is the most unpopular according to these polls, it honestly doesn't matter if the "robo-polls" overstate the unapproval ratings. McConnell should follow the advice given to so many Americans, which is if it's your fault, don't look towards someone else to bail you out.  Don't try to blame someone else for your own mistakes. 

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