Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secretary of State Power Rankings

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was reportedly offered a choice between the position of Secretary of State and vice-president by Barack Obama. Clinton took the offer to be Secretary of State and has completed her job. There are reports circulating that she will retire before President Obama begins his 2nd term. If the reports are true, then President Obama would have to appoint a new person to take her place. Since I am a sucker for Power Rankings, even if they’re inaccurate, I present the Secretary of State power rankings. Of course, all this will be for naught if Clinton does not retire.
1. John Kerry- the 2004 Democratic nominee for President has been rather close to President Obama, even standing in during mock debates. Kerry is the prohibitive favorite for the nominee.
2. Susann Rice- current United States ambassador to the United Nations (or the UN). Rice would be a fine choice with her experience. Rice’s potential nomination would receive an outcry from the Republican community. She was featured prominently after the attacks of Benghazi. Some people fear, irrationally, that the United Nations are the steps to a world government. Because of this, a nominee that was an ambassador there might be challenged.
3. Colin Powell- If Obama wants to maintain the idea that he will work harder for bipartisanship then Powell should be in play. Powell who is more or less retired, now, might be speculated about. Powell who held the position under George W. Bush might not want it and Obama might not offer it.
4. Rahm Emanuel- Emanuel is the current mayor of Chicago. He has worked closely with President Obama and former President Clinton. He is Jewish and his nomination might be an indication that we might have a closer relationship with Israel in the next four years. I don’t think his nomination is very likely. If he was nominated, can you imagine the outrage over the Chicago political machine?
5. Bill Clinton- I’m not sure if this is allowed under the Constitution. But, if it is, Bill should totally be the choice.

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