Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exit Polls: Religion

Let's take a look at the exit polls for the 2012 election compared to 2008.  We've taken a look at most of the other indicators and now we're on religion.  I'm particularly interested in this part of the exit polls because of how religiously charged it seemed this election was. 

Protestant (53%): Romney did slightly better with Protestants than McCain did.  In 2008, 54% of Protestants voted for McCain and in 2012 57% voted for Romney.  1% answered other or no answer both times.

Catholic (25%): Romney made up some ground in the Catholic vote, too.  Obama won the Catholic vote 54-45 in 2008 and won it 50-48 in 2012.  2% answered other or no answer in 2012 compared to 1% in 2008.  Romney made up ground in both categories. 

None (12%): Obama dominated with people who identified with no religion in 2008, 75-23 in 2008.  While Obama did well with this category in 2012, he lost a lot of ground.  It fell to 70-26 in 2012.  The amount of people who said other or no answer went up 2% from 2008.  So, that's interesting.

Other (7%): This was pretty much the same from 2008 to 2012. Obama won 73-22 in 2008 and 74-23 in 2012.  The amount of people who said other or no answer went down two percent.  Very rare in 2012 to see the amount of people saying other or no answer actually went down. 

But, we're  not done with slicing the data for this category. We'll post the rest on separate posts.

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