Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exit Polls: Religion and...

So, there's a few here.  We can do religion and race...sort of...

Non-white (28%): This is really where Obama excelled in 2008 and 2012.  In 2008, Obama won this category 79-18 and in 2012 Obama won this category 80-18.  Interesting to note that the number of people saying other or no answer went down.

White, no religion (8%): This is a giant swing for Romney, here.  Obama won the category in 2008 71-26 and in 2012 he won it 63-31.  The amount of people saying other/no answer went up by 3%.  Lots of interesting stuff, there.

White protestant (39%): McCain won this category quite handily 65-34.  Romney did even better than McCain in 2012 at 69-30.  Pretty big swing that helped Romney, there.

White Catholic (18%): Obama who won Catholics overall, lost both times with White Catholics.  In 2008, McCain won 52-47.  Romney excelled compared to McCain.  Romney won the White Catholic vote 59-40.  Impressive, there.

White Jewish (2%): Giant swing, alert.  Obama won in 2008 at 83-16.  Obama still won this category in 2012 but Romney gained 13 points.  Obama won 71-29.  Wow....

White-other religion (4%): Another large swing.  Obama won it in 2008 67-28 and in 2012 it declined to 61-35.  Huge gains in two categories for Romney there.

Or we could do religion and attendance...

Protestant/weekly (15%): This is a big category for Republicans.  McCain won this category 67-32 in 2008.  Romney did even better than that and beat Obama 70-29. 

Protestant/not weekly (14%): This is a much more stable category comparing 2008 and 2012.  McCain won 54-45.  Romney won 55-44.  That is essentially the same thing.

Catholic/weekly (11%): This is a huge gain for Romney from 2008.  By the way, we can probably assume that the Catholic weekly attendance gains are due to the fact that those Catholics who attend weekly are probably white.  But anyways, McCain won this category in 2008 50-49.  Romney made huge gains and won 57-42.

Catholic/not weekly (13%): Romney made slight gains here...Obama won this 58-40 in 2008 and in 2012 won 56-42. 

All others (46%): Romney did better with this category than McCain.  Obama won 63-35 in 2008.  Obama won 58-39 in 2012.  The number of people said no answer/other went up by 1.  So it was a combination of Romney doing better than McCain in 2008 and Obama doing worse.

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