Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exit polls: Education

One of the Republican memes that has been gaining more traction over the last year is that colleges/universities are liberal bastions where all the professors will teach you with their liberal bias(es).  But they also like to claim that the dumber you are the more likely you are to vote Democratic. So, let's look at the numbers.

There are quite a few categories that CNN breaks down for us.  This is the highest level of education

No high school (I assume this means that they have no high school diploma): This basically stayed the same from 2008 to 2012.  Obama got 63% of these votes in 2008 and McCain got 35%.  In 2012, Obama got 64% of these votes and Romney got 35%.  Boring.  Let's move on.

Graduated high school: Again, basically the same.  Obama got 52% in 2008 and 51% in 2012.  McCain got 46% and Romney got 48%.  Is education going to be a constant indicator?  I'm going to get bored.  I like seeing differences.

Some college: Obama got 51% in 2008 and 49% in 2012.  McCain got 47%.  Romney got 48% in 2012.  The percentage of people who answered with other or no answer increased by 1 point to 3%.  Which is the highest among education levels besides postgraduate which is also 3%. 

College graduate: Finally, some bigger changes.  Obama's vote with college graduates in 2008 were at 50% and in 2012 it declined to 47% in 2012.  McCain got 48% of the vote there and Romney was able to gain ground there and got 51% of the vote in 2012. 

Postgraduate: This changed slightly (or a lot if you're just comparing to education levels).  Obama got 58% of the postgraduate votes in 2008 and that declined to 55% in 2012.  Romney was able to gain ground in this demographic by increasing it from McCain's total 40 to 42%.  The number of people saying other/no answer increased by 1%.

Education levels stayed relatively stable which is interesting and will probably be expanded on later. 

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