Friday, October 5, 2012

A few of my own thoughts on the debate

1. If we take it at face value, what each of the candidates are saying.  The following will happen: the economy will jumpstart, my taxes (since I'm not higher-income), we'll balance the budget, healthcare will be fixed, Medicare and Medicaid will be fixed, we'll stop spending money at the federal government level, and we'll all have jobs.

2. If someone told you that they made up their decision by the debate, slap them in the face.  Seriously.  Do it.  Then link them to this blog for fun.  If they don't want to read me rant and rave about stuff then link them to PolitiFact and FactCheck. 

3.  Romney's responses were all part of what he's said before.  Including an almost verbatim quote from the RNC about the economy tax.  It's interesting that it's party propaganda when it's the party's convention but it's true if spoken in the debate.

4. Barack Obama also said things that are a favorite part of his stump speech.  They're no more true now than they were, the first 100 times that he said it. 

5. The rest of my thoughts are going to be on these posts, I've been doing.  It's really frustrating. But, these are some general thoughts.

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