Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday's Whigs

Charles P. Pierce writing for Esquire about African-American citizenship and voting rights. He offers some stern criticism of the Republican party.  It's interesting, a meme put out on Facebook by Conservatives is that they were the party that ended slavery, opposed Jim Crow laws, etc., while the Liberals were the ones who were the proponents of states rights.

How the party platforms differ. What Zite's articles for The New York Times uses up my the articles! I hate companies that want to make money.

Apparently the Zionists are spreading homosexuality across the world. Apparently Iran didn't get the memo, those who hate Israel are the ones who support homosexual rights. You would think since Barack Obama is a Muslim who talks to Iran that they would know this already.

Apparently alcohol abuse might re-wire the brain to make it harder to recover from traumatic experiences. Just have to drink more, I guess.

Mitt Romney wonders how he'll appeal to Asian voters.  It's satire.

It's important to note that governors like to take too much credit when their economy is doing well and get too much blame when it is going bad. The chief executive's role in the economy is vastly overrated.

I hope this author is right and it's not a battle of you didn't build that vs Ryan's three hour marathon.

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