Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Teddy's

Where only 53% of you can say we built that...

Something worthwhile to read and listen to from NPR.  It's mainly about debunking myths of the Islamic faith.

WASPs are not dominating American politics, right now.

I got an e-mail from the Green Party today to wish a happy birthday to "Occupy Wall Street." Jill Stein is the presidential candidate for the Green Party.

News21 reports that there have been 10 cases of in-person voter fraud over the last 12 years.

There's arsenic in rice?

Could we see the Supreme Court rule on gay marriage?

A Romney advertisement claims Obama didn't do anything to stop China from taking manufacturing jobs.  Americans believe that the outsourcing of jobs is one of the most important reasons for a lack of jobs in  America, right now.  We'll continue to see claims about outsourcing jobs until election day.

Here's a quote from Mitt Romney at the 2008 Republican National Convention:
"Liberals would replace opportunity with dependency on government largesse. They grow government and raise taxes to put more people on Medicaid, to take work requirements out of welfare, and to grow the ranks of those who pay no taxes at all. Dependency is death to initiative, risk taking, and opportunity. It is time to stop the spread of government dependency, to fight it like the poison it is."

As one of my friends pointed out, at least Republicans can say Romney didn't change his stance on this. It has really been the centerpiece of his campaign, so far. 

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