Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday Teddy's

Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't trust Obama and is allying himself with Romney.  The theory that the Religious Right supports Israel as an aid to bring in Armageddon has always struck me, as well odd.  But I'm not a Bible expert.

This is a good example of the struggle in fact-checking, where we check the will to deceive against saying something wrong and the meaning is basically the same.

Just once in articles about Super PACs, I would like them to define the difference between a Super PAC and a PAC.  It makes people think they are one in the same. But oh well. Apparently, negative ads are higher than they were in 2008. Karl Rove's Crossroads is the biggest outside spender in House and Senate Races. Yawn.

Oh and anti-Muslim groups are apparently spending money for Dutch elections? Well, there's something.

Obama's campaign registered 100,000 voters last week. He said that the election is going to come down to turnout.  If the turnout is like 2008, Obama wins, turnout like 2010, Republicans win. He said it not me.  Not a creative comparison, if you ask me. If the turnout is like 2008, when Democrats took the Presidency, House, and Senate then the Democrats win.  But if it's like 2010, when Republicans took the House, Republicans win.

The EPA, which was started by Richard Nixon, faced trouble in the courts, the last few weeks.

I would link to articles from The New York Times but my 10 articles are used up for the month.

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