Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Fillibusters

Where I promise to stop gushing over Bill Clinton...

Stan Collender, former Democratic staff member of the House and Senate Budget Committees, has some harsh words for Paul Ryan, at the end of this article. Norm Ornstein, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, chimes in, too. Paul Ryan's relationship with the Simpson-Bowles commission is an interesting one. 

Barack Obama formally accepted the nomination, last night.  Here's PolitiFact's report card on him.  He is their most PolitiFact-checked person. 

So, you would think information like this, might fire Democrats up to vote. I'll repeat myself in that one person's single vote will probably not affect the outcome of the election. But if millions of people feel this way (which they do) it does affect the election.  Probably negatively to a majority of these voters.

Next week's polling numbers are very important.

Our educational system slightly depresses me. In the nation's sixth largest school district, more than 500 teachers resigned two weeks before the start of the school year.  Any proposed changes that might positively affect this?

Political gamesmanship happening at the DNC, misleading truths and lies, too. If Romney/Ryan want to stop the Obama campaign from saying that they will cut your "favorite federally funded program" then they need to specify what they're going to cut.

Are Barack Obama and Bill Clinton more similar than we thought?

The Washington Post fact-checks Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and others.

Sometimes, I want someone named Dwight to say something incredibly stupid in politics so I can use this clip.

A Baltimore Ravens player comes under fire for his stance on gay marriage.

How long do you think it will take for Conservatives to take this article seriously?  To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised this hasn't been shared by every Liberal, I know.

Obama lays out plans for his next four years, when he can only blame himself for the mess he inherited from the last four years.  Reading The Onion makes me sarcastic. I should probably stop linking.

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