Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Playing the Political Game

President Obama and his campaign staff have complained about Mitt Romney not releasing his tax return forms.  Romney has stated that he has followed the precedent by John McCain in releasing two of his forms.  There is no exact precedent.  Presidential candidates can release as many tax returns as he/she wants to, whether it's 40+ like Bob Dole or 2 like John McCain or Mitt Romney.  It's interesting to note that when George Romney, Mitt's father, was trying to secure the 1968 Republican presidential nomination, he released 12 tax returns.  President Obama wants Romney to release his tax returns to highlight the differences between Romney and everyday Americans.  Romney has stated that he will not release his tax returns because he is afraid that Obama will distort more of his information.  Both of these candidates are playing a political game.  I would advise both of them to stop and focus on the issues that are really plaguing this country.

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