Monday, July 30, 2012

Now supporting gay marriage....

The Democratic Party has announced that they will add gay marriage to their platform.  As Nate Silver has pointed out before, the majority of Americans support gay marriage.  Harry Reid announced earlier that he thought the language to add gay marriage to the platform would be considered in the new platform draft.  I believe that I was wrong and too quick to judge when I said Barack Obama's stance on gay marriage was not a politically driven one.  While I am optimistic that Obama's stance arrived because of careful thought and realization, I don't think it's clear to say that it's the case.  While I am proud of the Democratic Party to formally announce that they're adding it to the platform, it certainly smells like a political move.  It's beginning to feel more and more like rights are only guaranteed if the majority supports it. This is both an extremely depressing and a happy occasion.

Update: My view is extremely cynical.  I will note that the right action even if it's made by the wrong thought process deserves to be praised. 

Update II: I wonder if they would have added it to their platform if the Republicans wouldn't have stated that they are trying to push for a Constitutional Amendment that bans gay marriage?

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