Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ballot Measures: Nebraska

Constitutional Amendment 40: Constitutional amendment to establish the right to hunt, to fish, and to harvest wildlife and that public hunting, fishing, and harvesting of wildlife is a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife.

It will be subject only to laws and rules that have the purpose of wildlife conservation and management and preserving the future of hunting and fishing.  It prohibits regulations that would ban the use of traditional methods of hunting such as bow hunting. 

Constitutional Amendment 373: Constitutional amendment to change annual legislative salaries to twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars.

The current salary of state legislators is $12,000.  It was set in 1988. I've read two other websites that are referring to the increase in pay to $32,000.  I'm not sure which is correct, if someone could find me the corrected pay, that would be much appreciated.

Constitutional Amendment 358: Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three terms.

Currently, the limit is two four-year terms.  This would allow legislators to have three four-year terms.

Constitutional Amendment 19: Constitutional amendment to provide that a civil officer is liable to impeachment for misdemeanors in pursuit of office.

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