Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ballot Measures: Alaska


Ballot Measure 1: Constitutional Convention Question

Should there be a constitutional convention?

Ballot Measure 2: An act establishing the Alaskan Coastal Management Program

Creates Alaskan Coastal Management Program. Would develop new state and local standards to review projects in coastal areas of the state. Creates a Coastal Policy Board made up of 13 members appointed by the governor. The goals are management goals for coastal uses and resources, the coordination of coastal planning among government and citizens, public and government participation in the program, and requires state agencies to comply with the program. “

The bill would allow regional education attendance areas (“REAAs”) in the unorganized borough to be used as Coastal Resource Service Areas (“CRSAs”). CRSAs would act through a board and function like coastal districts. The Department could combine or divide REAAs into CRSAs under set conditions. A coastal city could also be included in a CRSA under set conditions. CRSAs could also be created by voters or by a voter-approved city or village council decision. Service areas would elect boards with seven members. The State would run and fund CRSA board elections. Under some circumstances, board members could be appointed. Board members could be recalled. They could receive per diem and travel expenses. If voters fail to create a needed service area, the Department could create a district plan for the area to submit to the legislature. Under set conditions, the Department could complete a district plan for a CRSA. The bill creates a development, approval and implementation process for district plans in service areas.”

Ballot Measure: An act increasing the maximum residential property exemption and providing for annual adjustments

A municipality may exclude or partially exempt residential property from taxation, if it is ratified by the voters at an election. The exclusion or exemption may be applied with respect to taxes levied in a service area to fund the special services. It may not exceed the assessed value of $50,000 for any one residence but they may annually adjust the exemption to reflect the increase of cost of living.

Bonding Proposition A

Should the state of Alaska issue its general obligation bond in the principle, of not more than $453,499,200 for the purpose of paying the cost of state transportation projects?

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