Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Running Diary

There's a http://www.mittromney.com/videos
The first video is the video called "A Few of the 23 Million." Here is my response to the video as it plays.
0:00-0:20- It's Mitt Romney's response to Barack Obama's advertisement. Romney has already stated that he's going to use real people to tell the stories of how they're struggling under Obama's presidency. These are just a few of the millions of people who are struggling. Let's hear their stories.
0:21-0:40- We've learned so far that a company that had been there for a hundred years just up and left. I couldn't understand what company he said, otherwise I could look up why they left and when they left. The next guy lost his job a month after his divorce because the economy tanked. Let's forget that the recession started under a different president, for a minute.
0:41-1:02- Let's meet Deborah Ragland (that's the name I heard) has been looking for a job for two years. She still hasn't found one yet and her unemployment benefits have run out. These unemployment benefits were extended multiple times under the watch of President Obama.
1:03-1:20- Meet Jason Clausen from Mason City, Iowa. He only cares about two things, working and paying his child support. What? Really? Those are your choices for things you care about? If I had a daughter and I wanted to prove how much she means to me, I might say I care about working to make sure that my daughter is taken care of. Or I might say I only care about my daughter and I will do anything to make sure that she is taken care of. I'm sure what he's saying is the equivalent of what I'm saying but it's said in a messed up way.

1:21-1:42- Mr. Clausen worked for the last Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in the world. He was doing the remodeling and on the last step he wrote his name and his daughter's name. That's so cute. Too bad he only cares about work and paying child support.

1:43-2:25- Meet yet another Iowan named Troy. He talked about how his dad and neighbor don't believe in taking unemployment. He also talked about doing his other odd jobs such as digging graves and moving and storage.I don't think anyone's goals are to collect unemployment and other benefits from the government. But earlier, Deborah was talking about her unemployment benefits ran out. So is unemployment benefits bad now? Deborah sounded sad about her unemployment running out. I'm confused.

2:26-2:50- Jay Clausen tells a heartwarming story about how the story of his daughter's name on the step ended up on the front page of the newspaper. Apparently, when she's down about her father only caring about paying the child supporf and working he takes her to their step to have this hypotheticalconversation. "I love you daddy." "And I love paying your child support and building these steps. Good talk. Have to get back to work. To pay your child support."

2:51-3:25- Deborah doesn't know who to trust. Troy thought there was going to be hope and change when Obama was running. Change, such as the Affordable Health Care Reform Act, extension of unemployment benefits, bailout money used for infrastructure, and others didn't help Troy so it was all talk. There could have been more changes made but not all of it is anything that can be done by just the federal government. Some blame might have to be levied at the state level or at capitalism or globalization in general. Or we can just blame President Obama. You know, whatever.

3:25-3:59- Mitt Romney believes in America. These citizens deserve someone who believes in them. Couldn't Mitt Romney open a business in Iowa and employ these people rather than exploit them? Oh, he wouldn't make money? Is that Prssident Obama's fault? Are the benefits that the state of Iowa offer companies not competitive with other states? Again, is that Obama's fault? We hear all about how we have to keep cutting taxes so that the rich can continue to create jobs. Are millionaires really job creators or is that an empty phrase? Sounds like an empty phrase. This advertisement is supposed to make me feel bad for these people and how President Obama's policies are affecting everyday Americans. But one of them lost their job right when the economy collapsed. Another one has been searching forna job for two years and had her unemployment benefits go away in the meantime. The other one, his company left, so he lost his job. There's not a direct link to any of President Obama's policies that are destroying jobs. Additionally, there is absolutely no mention of how Romney would turn this around ornwhat the policies are that are destroying America currently.

Sorry to be so angry and judgmental, I stepped in cat poop today. So, in a bad mood.new video on mitt Romney's website titled "A Few of the 23 Million." The video is supposed to give voices to a few of the millions of unemployed people who are struggling under President Obama's policies.

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