Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break: A Primer on "Obamacare" and What We Do Not Know

1. Cost for Consumers- President Obama campaigned and promised that the cost for health insurance would decrease for all consumers.  Until the law takes full effect, we will not know for certain.  "The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office created projections showing most people’s insurance costs would either decrease or stay the same."  You can find this here. 

2. Cost for taxpayers- This will certainly cost the taxpayers some money to insure the millions who are currently uninsured.  The exact cost of this is unknown until the law takes full effect.  The CBO increased their last projections by 8.6 percent.  This is found in the same article linked above.

3. "Rationing"- some arguements have been made that the Medicare payment advisory board might decrease how much they pay doctors and could wind up putting pressure on patient care.  Politifact notes that this concern is present in our current system, as well.

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