Wednesday, March 7, 2012

George W. Bush Apologizing for America?

There has been a new Facebook post out there that lists a bunch of (P)Residential Firsts. First person who explains to me why the "P" is in parantheses, I will award 50 bonus points.

One of these firsts is that it's the first time a President went on an apology tour for America.  Well just today, as I was researching my latest blog post, I came across the following nugget of George W. Bush goodness.

You can read it here or here.

But basically, George W. Bush apologized for America. "I told His Majesty as plainly as I could that the wrongdoers will be brought to justice, and that the actions of those folks in Iraq do not represent the values of the United States of America. I told him I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners, and the humiliation suffered by their families. I told him I was equally sorry that people who have been seeing those pictures didn't understand the true nature and heart of America."

Did you see that?  He said I'm sorry! Oh goodness! He's the first president EVER to go overseas and apologize for America!
(Note: I am not being serious.  Nor do I think it's a big deal that a president would go overseas and apologize for the actions of a country.)
Where the hell was the liberal media on this?

On a serious note, why is it a big deal for the President of the United States to apologize for the way his country has behaved?  Do we really live in that big of an American love bubble that we think we have been perfect?  Is it not a bigger deal for the President to not apologize for past actions?  I honestly don't understand the catastrophe that is going to happen if a president goes around the world apologizing to countries for our wrongdoings. 

Listen (more accurately read). We screw up. We're humans. That's what the Bible says. What matters is that typically we are around to pick up the pieces when we screw up. Stop blaming Obama for apologizing for America when a) he didn't do it and b) it's not a big deal if he did.

For a country that is supposedly trying to tout its Christian values shouldn't we practice the art of confession and forgiveness?

My apologoies for sounding overly cynical or sarcastic.  I had to edit it so I didn't talk about gay marriages and abortions. I'm a terrible person. Time to load up on Nyquil.

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