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20 Actual Truths That Will Shock Conservatives Part 2: 11-20

11. George W. Bush was the president who first started the bailouts.

It's true. You can look it up. I'll wait. You can just google it if you want. Just type in stimulus plan 2008. More accurately, it would be called TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program).  The first half of the funds were released in the fall of 2008.  The second half of the funds was released after Obama took office.

12. The stimulus plan/package has crated jobs.

Despite what many Republicans have said when they claim that the stimulus plan has not created any jobs, the stimulus package has created anywhere from 1.4 and 3.3 million jobs. If you check this out, you'll see that the stimulus package raised the GDP by between 1.7 and 4.5%.  It also lowered the unemployment rate by 0.7-1.8%.  PolitiFact went over this, too.  If you click on that link, you'll see that they go over it time and time again.  Further, there is accountability from the government.  If you bothered to try and track it, you'll see where the money is going.

13. The "liberal bias" in media is overblown, unless you are watching a comedic news show.

I would argue that there is a stonger bias out there in the media for conservatives, with Fox News and MSNBC among others, including local news in conservative strongholds.  More than likely conservatives are reacting to a bias in process.  There are a number of biases in processing.  The two most common are confirmation bias and defensive bias.  Confirmation bias is the most common.  In this bias you actively seek out information that confirmas your original belief.  To give an example, if you know that the stimulus plan didn't create any jobs you're going to find news out there that shows that it didn't create any jobs.  Defensive bias is the bias where you see competing information and you get defensive just confirming your original knowledge of the situation.  These two biases are constantly at work and are probably largeley responsible for the ideat that there is an active bias in the media.

14. Barack Obama has worked hard to try and get the majority of his promises turned into reality.

If you're interested, you can go here.  So far he has kept 170 of his promises, compromised on 52, broke 63, 67 of them are stalled, 154 are in the works, and 2 are not yet rated.

15. Part of the problem that people have with Barack Obama is implicit racism.

I am not claiming that each person whodoes not like Barack Obama is an explicit racist.  What I am saying is that since Barack Obama is our first black president, we, as white people, have had to face something we have never faced before.  There is substantial literature on political psychology and racism out there if you want to do the reading, if you do not believe me.  But basically, since Barack Obama is black every time that white people see him, we are reminded that he is not white. This gives us a heightened sense of our own race.  In doing this, we realize that Obama is different than us.  We begin to look for things so we can derogate him and his policies. You can see this in action with the claims from mainly white people that Obama is not from the United States or any number of the ridiculous claims that people make.  It's not explicitly racist, it's the fact that in our minds we are suddenly more aware of our race than ever before.

16. Not all regulation is bad.

Without any regulation we can go back in time to time of the robber barons.  We could go back in time and see the effects of a monopolizing company such as Standard Oil.  We don't even have to go that far back in time to see the effects of monopolization.  A fun fact of the day, according to Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and common sense 14 of the richest 75 people ever in the world were born within 9 years of each other.  They were all born from 1831-1840.  You had the creation of the railroads, the switch to an oil energy source, the creation of Wall Street, etc.  This was before regulation set in.  Does this mean liberals are anti-wealth because they favor regulation? No. In 2000, the Glass-Steagall act was essentially repealed DEREGULATING the banking industry.  Within ten years, we had the banking collapse that we saw in 2008 and continuing to present day.  I could go through all of the examples where deregulation led to a collapse of an industry but I only needed to find one to show that not all regulation is bad.

17. Supporting the war and supporting the troops are two totally separate ideas.

Logically, this makes sense, however, people will sometimes claim that if you do not support the war you do not support the troops.  I would argue, by not supporting the war you are supporting the troops even greater because it creates a possibility for the war to no longer to continue.  The greatest way to support a troop is to ensure that he or she will not die in vain.  If I don't support the wars in the Middle East, which I don't, it doesn't mean I don't support our troops over there.  If it wasn't for the largely young and poor troops volunteering then I would have to be a soldier.  I would be a terrible soldier.  I have friends in the military, they make a larger sacrifice than I ever could. Most of them are disenchanted for the reasons why we're over there. 

18. Allowing gays in the military will not destroy the integrity of the military.  Also, the straight soldiers will not get raped.

To claim otherwise, is so homophobic and ignorant.  I'll just link this.  I'll point out a couple of other things real quick. 

1. I went to a history conference a few years ago about the definition of warrior or soldier in our society.  One of the panelists argued that we should repeal "don't ask, don't tell" because marines stationed in islands during World War II would have sex with each other during their long time together. 
2. Baron von Steuben was gay.  You might remember him for his work in training Washingtion's soldiers in the Revolutionary War.  Arguably, you could say that there would not be an America without the gays.

19. Allowing gays to marry does not destroy the idea of marriage.

It seeks to re-defined the traditional defintion of marriage.  This is not the first time that we are seeking to re-define this definition.  Before the civil rights movement, it could be argued that the traditional definition of marriage was between two people of the same rae.  In Biblical times, it was not uncommon for a man to have several wives and concubines.  Just look at Solomon.  He had over 700 wives and 300 concubines.  So, if you argue that gays should not be married because of what the Old Testament, then you must allow for polygamy.  You must also for the death penalty for a whole multitude of sins.  Just look through Leviticus sometime.

You know what destroys the idea of marriage?  Escalating divorce rates, drunk marriages, celebrity marriages, shotgun weddings, immigration marriages, etc.  Yet these are all acceptable.

20. Global warming is not a myth. What is debated is how much of global warming is caused by humans. 

I'm tired of debating this with people.  I believe that we are the cause for much of what we have noticed is global warming. 
I'll just put some links here that you can look at, at your convenience.
This, this, this

The point is this: global warming is happening.  It's a matter of debate of how much is due to humans and how much of it is due to the natural ebbs and flows of the earth cycle.  It's not something that somebody made up and then claimed didn't exist anymore.  It's happening.

If you're like me and want to stop humans contributing to global warming, write your congressman to try and get more renewable energy sources, call for the creation of more hybrids, ask for federal funding for the creation of renewable energy source research, and close out factory farming.  My suggestions for the most part come from The End of Oil and Eating Animals.   Two more books that come highly recommended.  Yes, I read more than the average person.

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