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20 Actual Truths That Will Shock Conservatives Part 1: 1-10

After the list that I saw yesterday, I decided to post my own 20 truths that will shock conservatives.  My truths will actually be backed up by facts.  Let's define truth.

Truth- the actual state of a matter or a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like.

1. Barack Obama is eligible to be president because he was born in the United States.

Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate in 2011. You can find it here.  If you want a more detailed explanation of debunking the birther myths.  You can click here, here, or here.  I'm sure there's plenty else out there.  But that's a good starting point.

2. The national debt has not risen as much as you think.

You can plug in the dates here to make sure I'm right.  The total debt on Barack Obama's inauguration date was $10.6 trillion.  Today, March 5, 2012 it is almost $15.5 trillion.  The numbers that FactCheck use are from the end of January 2012 and show the debt at $15.4 trillion.  You can see their analysis here.  The rise in the national debt in terms of actual dollars will be the highest dollar increase in United States history.  But, George W. Bush's increase of the national debt was at a higher percentage of 85% as compared to Obama's 45%.  Additionally, we see that Reagan increased the national debt by 190%.

3. The President does not control gas prices. 

I've already posted about this.  You can click through my article and see the research I put into finding this information.  The article can be found here. 

4. President Barack Obama did not go on an "apology tour."

Mitt Romney began his 2012 Presidential campaign by saying that Barak Obama began his presidency going around the world apologizing for America.  This is simply not true.  In case you didn't click on the link.  Here's a quick summary:
He never apologized.  He never said,"I'm sorry" or "sorry".  He spoke in conciliatory tones.  PolitiFact argues that by "using this standard, you could argue that any change in foreign policy that’s undertaken after a presidential transition and announced to the world would constitute an "apology" for the previous policy."

Even if he went on an apology tour, he was certainly not the first president to apologize.  Just to give an example, George W. Bush apologized King Abdullah of Jordan in 2004.  Saying,  "I told His Majesty as plainly as I could that the wrongdoers will be brought to justice, and that the actions of those folks in Iraq do not represent the values of the United States of America. I told him I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners, and the humiliation suffered by their families. I told him I was equally sorry that people who have been seeing those pictures didn't understand the true nature and heart of America."

5. "Obamacare" will not destroy jobs.

Here's FactCheck's analysis.  You can click here, here, or here.  Basically, there will be a small loss of jobs which are low-paying, part-time, or seasonal.  This is without even looking at the various jobs gained by health insurance companies and the like.

6. Pro-life people and pro-choice people have the same end goal.

If you're pro-choice, it does not make you pro-abortion or pro-death.  The ultimate goal of both pro-life and pro-choice people is to end all abortions.  Pro-lifers are waiting to try to get rid of all abortions by waiting until there is no other way out.  Pro-lifers and pro-choicers need to form an alliance and try to eradicate unintended pregnancies.  Unintended pregnancies account for nearly half of all abortions.  Nearly 40% of all unintended pregnancies end in abortions.  So, let's try to get rid of unintended pregnancies.

7. Attributing beliefs to the "Founding Fathers" is dangerous and you're probably wrong when you do these things.

I broached this subject in my last post when I did a response to "20 Truths that will Shock Liberals."  But, I'll repeat some of what I said.
The first problem when you do this is you need to define what you mean by the "Founding Fathers."  Some people might define it by those who signed the Declaration of Independence.  Others might define it by those who signed the Constitution.  Others, still, might define it by those who were some of the first presidents or who served in Washington's cabinet.  You could define it by saying those are any of those who were apart of the Revolutionary War peiod.  So you need to have a strict definition of what you mean by the "Founding Fathers."
The second problem is that you're attributing your belief system to what you think they believed.  More importantly, you're attributing thoughts of Modern Day America into the thoughts of those who lived 200 years ago.  They don't have any thoughts about abortion, gay marriage, etc.  They had no concept of these processes.
The final problem is where I approach a strawman fallacy. Most people who try to attribute beliefs to the "Founding Fathers"say that they were for a small government, gun-toting, religious, right-wing nut jobs.  If we remember our history lessons, we would remember that America originally had the Articles of Confederation.  But that failed, miserably.  It had no concept of raising a national army, taxes, and didn't have a chief executive.  It was replaced by the Constitution.  The Constitution as it was written, was just going to be the outline of how the government worked.  Thomas Jefferson argued that we should not have the Bill of Rights attached to it.  Jefferson also was a Deist or wrote a more humanistic version of Jesus.  No matter how you define it, Thomas Jefferson was a "Founding Father" and it is very difficult getting around his beliefs.

8. Gun control isn't about infringing on your 2nd Amendment Rights.

FactCheck did a little analysis on this.   Basically, they found that the claim that Japan was afraid to invade the United States because they were afraid of finding all American citizens were armed, was false. 
The number of gun homicides are much higher in the United States than of the countries of NATO.  They are nearly 10 times higher than the countries in NATO.  You can find this information here. 
There are some gun laws that have been passed that have tried to reduce what guns are going to which people.  Some of these laws were the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and The Domestic Violence Gun Ban. 
The Assault Weapons Ban "prohibited for 10 years the possession, transfer, and manufacturing of semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices." This information found here .
The Domestic Violence Gun Ban "bans anyone convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense from owning or possessing a firearm, even if the person had it before the conviction. "  (Found at same source)
There was some talk about a National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011.  This would have made any state that allows concealed weapons to recognize other states concealed carry permits.

9. States rights sometimes violates human rights.

Do we really have to look much further than the Civil War?  We could look at Jim Crow Laws regarding voting, or inter-racial marriages, etc. 

10. The idea of "separation of Church and State" was not something invented by modern day liberals. 

Thomas Jefferson said the phrase in a letter to a friend arguing that there should be a wall of separation of church and state.
John Locke, famous political philosopher, who most of our ideas about government are from argued that the government cannot infringe upon an individual's conscience. 
Now we have presidential candidates who claim that no federal official at any level could say "Merry Christmas."  Which is a pants on fire claim from PolitiFact. 

I'll come back for the other truths.  I hope you enjoyed part one.


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