Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday to Me! A Year Late

It turns out a year ago on my birthday, this happened.  I just found this out. 

I was hoping that a person running for president running in 2012 would defend something that happened nearly a thousand years ago.  Or you know 500-700 years before the United States became a country.

Apparently, the Crusades did not show any aggression on the part of Christians.  I am not a historian.  I will not pretend to be one.  With that caveat, I'm pretty sure that's wrong.  There was aggression on both sides, both Christian and Muslim (or I guess the proper term would be Islamic). 

I'm just glad Rick Santorum is around to point out the fact that the Crusades were not a part of Chrisitan aggression 800-1000 years ago.  I can only hope that he clears up other things such as the Spanish Inquistion, the Salem Witch Trials, etc.

It was a great birthday present Senator Santorum.  I am sorry that I received it about a year late.

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